Chances are, if you build websites, then whether you mean to or not you will be seeing the website traffic that comes from long tail keywords.  Targeting the website traffic that comes from long tail keywords is an effective strategy for driving visitors to your website.

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

In simple terms, when people search the internet they type in a word or a phrase into their search engine in the hope of finding the information that they are looking for.

Website owners who understand the way that search works on the Internet would also understand that controlling and focusing you website content to provide good quality, keyword focused information is the key to getting in front of the audience you are after.  Long tail keywords generally include more words in the keyword phrase, typically more than three words and are more narrow in their focus, whilst the ‘short tail’ keywords describe a market or niche at a higher level.  Let’s use some examples here to help out with out discussion.

As the name suggests, a long tail keyword is a phrase that includes more words than a standard keyword. For example if a keyword was “writer” then an example of the long tail keyword version would be “finance writer jobs in dallas.” Therefore, a long tail keyword can be more specific than using a standard keyword.  Some more examples:

Outdoor furniture.  This is quite a broad area, it’s a short phrase and encompasses many things.

Outdoor umbrella bases.  This contains more words in the phrase.  It’s much more specific and is much more narrow in it’s focus.  This is an example of long tail keywords.

how to find long tail keywords How to find long tail keywords

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Useful?

Finding long tail keywords are useful mainly for website traffic. Any website owner can tell you that traffic is key for those websites that would like to generate money using the Internet. For some of the standard keywords, there is a fierce competition between website owners to be listed at the top 10 results within the search engines. Thus the use of long tail keywords allows someone who owns a website to still drive traffic to this site. The long tail keyword might be more specific than a standard keyword, but it will have less competition.

Most average website owners will use standard keywords on their website as they are of a broad topic. Therefore, someone searching for writers will have a website on writers included in the search result. However, only the small number of people searching for financial writer jobs in Dallas will be able to find web results for this term.

Even though long tail keywords are can be more specific, they do have a higher rate of conversion. This means that someone searching for these terms are more likely to visit a website, browse and click on links. If the website is selling a specific product, then a long tail keyword can help bring in targeted traffic. You can have a higher conversion rate using a long tail keyword that lists your website considerably higher than a standard keyword.

How Can You Find Long Tail Keywords?

The main ways in which you can find long tail keywords is by using websites or applications such as Google Adwords keyword tool. This online tool will allow you to search for keywords and also view long tail keywords that have less competition associated with them.

Many keyword research tools also exist to help you identify long tail keywords as well.  This website, of course, is all about Long Tail Pro for finding long tail keywords and using Long Tail Pro is certainly my recommendation for how to find long tail keywords.