If, like me, you’ve spent hours working out how to find long tail keywords – not just any, but the right keywords on which to build you niche website, or worse still, you’ve spent months building a niche website and doing search engine optimization and link building only to find some way down the track that you’ve picked the wrong keyword phrases, then this Long Tail Pro review will be useful for you!

Being a relatively new keyword research tool then you may not have seen too many thorough Long Tail Pro reviews. Read on and I will share with you my experiences using Long Tail Pro, the good and the bad and you can then decide if this is the right keyword research software tool for you!

What is Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that has been developed by Spencer Haws, niche website builder and Adsense monetization specialist. Spencer Haws is a full time internet marketer and has been building niche websites for several years. Spencer makes his full time six figure income from his niche websibes and he decided to have Long Tail Pro developed to meet his need for finding profitable keywords, faster and being able to quickly assess the competition in a market.

How does Long Tail Pro Work

Long Tail Pro allows a user to enter multiple seed keywords (unlike many other keyword tools) and then generate potential keywords related to the seed keywords. Literally hundreds and even thousands of keywords can be searched for in minutes. Long Tail Pro has a series of filters which allow you to sift through the masses of keywords to come up with profitable keywords with good search volume and then provides you with the key data required to assess the strength of competition on those keywords.

The power of Long Tail Pro, I believe, lies in several areas.

  • Generate thousands of potential keywords from a list of seed keywords
  • Assess multiple keywords at a time
  • Able to search for exact match domain avialability at the same time
  • Able to filter searches based a range of core criteria that you set, so that you can eliminate keywords that don’t stack up, fast. Filters include: Search volume, Title competition, Number fo keywords in the phrase, Average CPC
  • Able to view and assess competition quickly and easily with all of the key information required displayed right there on the one screen. Competition data includes the url, page title, whether the keyword phrase is in the site meta description, whether the keyword phrase is in the page title, back links to the domain and to the page, .edu and .gov backlinks and Yahoo Directory and DMOZ directory status.
  • In addition to all of this you can even enter your niche sites and keywords to track rank.

Who is Long Tail Pro suited for?

Long Tail Pro is suited for anyone who is interested in building niche websites and has a need to conduct keywords research to assess traffic, competition and potential profitability.

From my experience with Long Tail Pro, I feel the major use of the software is in the niche site ‘conception’ phase – when you are scoping out many ideas to find the right one. This is the situation where I believe Long Tail Pro is really strong.

Long Tail Pro is also built on the Adobe Air platform – which means that the software is pretty light weight (excuse the pun!) and is platform independent – so works on both Windows and Mac.

Web Research Results for Long Tail Pro

At the time of writing this review Long Tail Pro has not long been released. There has been a beta release of the software around for a few months though and many, including myself, have tried it out for finding long tail keywords.

Given that Long Tail Pro has not been around too long yet, there are limited user reports on the internet so far. The Long Tail Pro website lists some user testimonials, including:

“I just wanted to come back to tell you that your Long Tail Pro is terrific….. I saved *hours* of time on keyword research late last week and already have a new site up and running and another one in the works. I’d still be doing the keyword research right now if I were only using MS as I’d been doing. Thanks!…”
Shae B.

“…It’s accelerated my research and I can’t see how I functioned with out it…”
Steve E

“…I like your software A LOT MORE than MNF and Market Samurai!!…”
Adam S

“…Just purchased your Long Tailed Pro software about 2 days ago. Very neat piece of software, what the software does in 10 minutes can literally save me up to 2 hours of work!…”
Darren D

“…You will struggle to find better value for money in the keyword tool research area.  Anyone who value their own time in $ as one should will make this money back in no time. Its super fast and efficient compared to Market Samurai and Google adwords tool. MS feels slow & clunky compared to this tool which feels user friendly and fast!  The super fast check competition tab is worth the money right there…”

“…Your new software is working great. I was able to purchase 3 domains, after 10/15 minutes including my time for analysis. I calculate, these new domains will bring at least $2 a day, = $180 per month (min). I do adsense for a living….. Now, I am “hooked” with your tool!…”

My experiences using Long Tail Pro

Perhaps the best ‘research results’ that I can present are based on my own use of Long Tail Pro.

I find Long Tail Pro immensely useful in the niche site keyword research phase. That phase where you are testing out lots of keywords and trying to identify those which warrant more investigation and thought.

Being able to input several keyword phrases at a time is just a massive time saver and in this area Long Tail Pro definately has it over other major competitors, including Market Samurai. In saying that I still do use Market Samurai at other points in my keyword research and niche building process – but for this conceptual stage of rapid fire keyword testing, Long Tail Pro is now definately my tool of choice.

The competition module presents just what I need to know and it does it superfast! I can really quickly assess and remove from my thoughts niches which are just not going to be viable for me and therefore not waste time doing lengthy and time consuming analysis on keyword phrases that are just not going to pay off.

For those of you who may prefer a more ‘visual medium’ I’ve created a quick walkthrough video to show you around the software.  It doesn’t cover all of the features but will certainly give you an idea of just how easy to use and feature rich the software is.  Check out the Long Tail Pro Video review below:

My summary of thoughts based on my experience:

  • Long Tail Pro saves me heaps of time and is my keyword research tool of choice for finding the right keywords for niche websites.
  • The competition analysis area is superfast and presents exactly what I need to know to quickly assess if a niche is worth the effort to pursue.
  • Long Tail Pro is easy to use with a nice clean interface and is suitable for both beginners and experienced internet marketers alike.


The main advantages of Long Tail Pro, in terms of the functionality are:

  • You can generate thousands of potential keywords from a list of seed keywords
  • You can save heaps of time by being able to assess multiple keywords at a time
  • You can search for exact match domain availability at the same time
  • You can filter your searches based on the core criteria you set
  • You can quickly and simply assess the competition for a keyword phrase

The other main advantages of Long Tail Pro are:

  • It is relatively inexpensive as far as software tools go at under $100.
  • The creator of the software, Spencer Haws, appears to be one of the ‘good guys’ in the Internet marketing realm and I have been following his blog for sometime now. I believe that he has really created this product based on a wealth of niche website research knowledge and his aim is to provide a good product.
  • It is simple to use and simple to learn with enough filters and options for you to properly assess a niche whilst being uncluttered and free of the masses of options, many of which may be unnecessary distractions, that we see in some other products.


The main disadvantages that I experienced were that the searches for multiple keywords, particularly if you are including the options for searching for domain names available and Title Competition can take a while. You have to remember though – you are searching multiple keywords at a time – which in itself is a huge time saver. So for me, this wasn’t an issue as I knew I was saving time – I just multi-tasked and did other things when I was waiting for a search to complete.

Less of a disadvantage and more of a feature request, I would have liked to be able to remove keywords from my overall list of returned results so that I could do my analysis of the keywords as I went. There is an export feature, so it could be best to instead export the keywords and make your analysis notes or amendments to the list there. I still think this would be a good feature within the keyword results screen itself.

I have some other little nit-picky user interface things – but I think that could just be me so I won’t worry about them – I design and write specs for software systems for a living, so I’m pretty picky!!

Where to buy Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is available directly from the Long Tail Pro website at www.longtailpro.com.

The software is immediately accessible after you’ve purchased so if you’re raring to go and get started, you won’t have to wait long!

Final Summary

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool, developed by full time niche website marketer, Spencer Haws. It provides a great, simple interface and is easy to use.  Long Tail Pro allows you to very rapidly assess groups of keywords (yes, more than one at a time!) to find profitable phrases and quickly assess the competition for the phrase.  It is very affordable and has saved me tons of time and effort in my keyword research phase of niche website buidling.

I don’t want to sound ‘hypey’ but it’s hard not to when I really do believe that Long Tail Pro is a fantastic tool and can highly recommend it for those how want to find good keywords fast!

I hope you have found this Long Tail Pro review useful and that it assists you in making your decision on whether Long Tail Pro is the right keyword research tool for you.